About me

Instead of me telling you who I am, I decided to post some opinions of people I have worked with the past 15 years (check Linkedin for more information).

“In the field of Branding and Gaming, Bart is your go-to-person. Expect an energetic and pragmatic professional paving the way in this new field of branding.”

“Bart is a person to watch for the coming decades. The combination of his creativity, practise within sevaral specialisms, knowlegde, contacts with people from various backgrounds and persistance make him a person who is able to realize people’s highest goals. His unique ideas pull up inspiration in adition to common sense.”

“Okay, Bart describes himself as “fun to work with and down to earth’, but that really is true. With ideas sometimes out of left field, he straddles both the gaming and the marcom/branding worlds, and is set to move both forward. I look forward to reading his book on branding and gaming.”

“Bart has a very contagious form of enthusiasm. Because he enjoys what he’s doing so much, he automatically puts in his utmost to know and understand everything about his clients’ markets and psychology. Because he’s been on the client side as well (Atari & Diesel), he knows how clients think, which gives him a head-start in any agency/client relationship.”

“Bart is a can do man. As well as being an excellent creative strategist he has the means to execute and get results. And he’s a bloody good bloke.”


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